...for a better environment and global understanding.

About the Bikes in Orbit project:

Hello, we, father and son, are going on a biketrip around the globe that will start early april 2009.

We are: Torsten Frank age 66, just retired (but not tired).
Alexander Frank age 18, just quit school (tired of it).
The trip is planned to take 3 years and the winters will be spent in Sweden.

Our journey is beginning in Stockholm and the journey goes through Sweden and Denmark. Then we follow the west coast of Europe seeing Germany, Holland, Belgium and France to Bayonne where we rest a while before entering Spain. In Spain we follow the southern slopes of the Pyrenées through Andorra and back into France. Final destination in Europe will be Marseille. We will use a slow tempo. Meeting people along the road may be an opportunity to stop for a chat. Seeing something beautiful or exciting may be a reason to stop a day or two.

From Marseille we take a ferry to Bizerte in Tunisia. Back on our bikes we follow the Mediterranean coast eastward through Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. After seeing the pyramids and the sphinx we're not far from Sharm el Sheijk and a weeks vacation with diving and snorkeling in the Red sea. Then we go on to Nuweiba to get the ferry to Aqaba in Jordan.


A must to see in Jordan is the stone city of Petra before getting on along the Dead sea shores to Amman. Then across the border to Syria and Damascus. Many miles through the deserts of Syria before we reach the town of Nusaybin in the southern part of Turkey. There we follow the Turkish border and enter in to Iran where the first major city will be Urmia. Then head on straight to Teheran and the Swedish embassy where we hope for help to find storage for our bikes during winter.

That closes the first season and we fly home to rest and prepare for 2010.

In spring 2010 we start eastward from Teheran. There are not yet any detailed route plans but after Iran we cross Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan. Passing Kazakhstan up to Russia and southernmost Siberia and then into Mongolia. Mongolian deserts to the capital Ulan Bator and then to Beijing in China. From the port of Qingdao, where we plan to meet some old friends, it's time for a ferry transport again. This time to the southern end of Japan. On our way through Japan we stop to look at Mount Fuji. Maybe we by then have gained enough strength to climb it. Then to the north island of Japan, Hokkaido, where Alexander eventually stay to ski during winter while Totte fly home.

In the third year 2011 we will have to find out how to get From Japan to Anchorage in Alaska by boat. From Anchorage we plan to follow the "Alaska Highway" south through Canada to Seattle in the USA. Then we follow the Pacific coast down to Los Angeles. Which way to choose crossing the continent to the East coast will be decided along the way. Anyway, after seeing Washington and New York, there must be a boat again to Europe. Back on European soil it will probably feel like just a short upward slope to Stockholm.

The thinking behind this trip is not to do any kind of sports achievement. The objective is to meet and see folks and peoples of different kinds, to see other cultures and learn how other peoples live their everyday life. If our journey can contribute to a smarter way of dealing with our global environment and a better understanding between peoples and cultures it would be a great bonus.

You will be hearing from us.

Totte & Alex