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Welcome to the Bikes in Orbit Project

We, father and son, are on a biketrip around the globe that started early april 2009. We means: Torsten Frank age 66, just retired (but not tired). Alexander Frank age 18, just quit school (tired of it). The trip is planned to take 3 years and the winters will be spent in Sweden.

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In the map to the left you can see and follow the route we took.

Below are some statistiks to our current location and the journey.

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posted by Alexander Frank on April 6, 2009

Hey guys! The idea is to have both a swedish and a english blog but at the moment we are so exhausted that we only have strengh enought to write in swedish. It will be better, i promise! But for those of you people who understand the swedish language, please click on the swedish blog to read about our journey. And to all of you english speaking people, please be patient with us, and you will soon ...

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posted by Totte Frank on July 20, 2009

Holland 2. Holland were our toughest experience so far on our trip.  The day we'd decided to conquer the 30 kilometer long wall against the North Sea (Afsluit Dijk) we got up very early just to find that the winds against us was between 12 to 15 meters per second. Might have been a stupid decision but as we longed to reach Amsterdam we decided to go for it. With a speed of 7-8 kilometers an ...